Monday, April 16, 2012

Jehovah Jireh

In the Old Testament when God showed up and showed off, His servants would respond by building a monument to remember His Faithfulness.

We need more monuments in this day and age… It’s so, so easy to forget His Faithfulness. Emails, text messages, work, children, husband, church, fellowship, ministry… there are more distractions we deal with than ever before in history. Each distraction begs for our attention and always takes our eyes off the Lord.

But, I need some monuments to God’s Provision. 

As many of you know, Arthur got out of the Army in October and neither of us had secured employment. But every month, our bills got paid. Every month our bank account GREW. How? I really can’t fully explain that. It was supernatural.

Then, in the last month God gave me employment… not just one paying job, but TWO! And in a matter of weeks these are the things God did in our Finances. These are my monuments:
1.       After taking a finance class, God started telling us to eliminate debt. So, we decided to sell our vehicle that still had payments (our Jeep). God showed up. He honored us honoring Him. We sold that vehicle for more than we owed, so we had a surplus!
2.       THEN, God knew we’d need another vehicle because of the lifestyle we live as a family in ministry… So He provided an affordable option- nothing fancy, but something fuel efficient and in good shape. And we paid cash… less cash than the surplus we made! And of course, this cut down on our Car Insurance!
3.       God not only provided for our NEEDS, He’s given us our desires:
a.       I wanted a Trifle Bowl to make fancy desserts… God gave me a FREE one that someone had donated at a Swap event.
b.      I wanted new patio furniture, specifically a Settee.  Our neighbors gave us a beautiful 5 piece Settee for FREE because they bought new patio furnishings.
c.       Giana’s growing up and we wanted to get her a Daybed for her 3rd Birthday. It just so happens that our friend’s teenager outgrew her immaculate Daybed (“it’s too cutesy and girly”) and they’re giving it to us for FREE.
d.       My laptop is sucking… literally. My battery has a pathetic charge life. It runs slow. It’s just no bueno for working from home on my computer for hours a day. But our friend who happens to build computers as a hobby has an extra computer he built laying around “the Spirit told [him] to give us.” Awesome. Might I mention it is wicked fast and comes with a ginormous Flatscreen Monitor- ideal for my job!! God, you’re so awesome.
4.       God knows we desire to cut down and eliminate our bills. He showed us that we could pay for Walmart’s Cell Phone Service- Straight Talk- and use their SIM Card in any Smartphone. So, we got phones we liked/wanted and needed (for my work) and cut our cell phone service bill by $75!! We have BETTER reception and service than we had in a traditional contract. BETTER phones and a MUCH CHEAPER monthly bill.

“Ask and it shall be given to you. Seek and you will find. Knock and the door will be opened to you.” Matthew 7:7

Ask. God listens…to the petty things like Trifle Bowls to the big needs like Vehicles. He is SO VERY FAITHFUL if you just put your FAITH in HIM! HE WILL PROVIDE. He has. What Monuments should you build??



  1. Praise the Lord! Obedience does have a blessing! God is always good and ready to honor those who love Him and are willing to submit their ways to His!!! Way to go Jessica! You are an ideal example of a Proverbs 31 woman and give all the ladies someone to look to that is actually doing it!! Bless you, and I am praying for you!

  2. You have such an awesome heart! Thank you for sharing - Its just so amazing to me and love hearing things like this. God does provide, so good!